Yoga at The Radiant Hand is inspired by our Lineage as passed down by Sri K.S. Coburg, who studied in the traditional discipline of Hatha Yoga with his Guruji. 

Our Lineage is the foundation and roots of all teachings at The Radiant Hand, transforming the lives of all who study with us. Very often these days, the emphasis on yoga in the West is on the physical. The classes taught at The Radiant Hand embody the traditions of yoga, upholding the values of loving unconditionally with compassion and kindess, helping ourselves and others to live our lives from this perspective, as challenging as this may be.

All teachers here at The Radiant Hand emphasise that asana (postures) is only one aspect of yoga. Other practices such as karma yoga (the yoga of selflessness), ahimsa (non-violence), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, chanting and the study of the self and of the ancient texts (swadyaya) are equally important parts of the practice of yoga.

You can experience our Lineage in practice by attending one of our classes, joining a course, coming on one of our retreats or booking a massage/physiotherapy appointment.