Yoga at The Radiant Hand is inspired by our Lineage as passed down to Sri K.S. Coburg, (GuruDev,) who studied in the traditional discipline of Hatha Yoga, in the mountains of the Himalayas, with his Guruji.

Since his Master's passing, our Lineage has been safeguarded & upheld, by GuruDev, his personal students, all of our teachers, students & friends, here at The Radiant Hand.

Our Lineage is the foundation & root of all our teachings at The Radiant Hand. Transforming & uplifting the lives of all who study & share their lives with us. Our Lineage is the Yoga of Living Ethics & The Path of Joy.

More & more & too often these days, the emphasis on yoga is purely on the physical.

The classes taught at The Radiant Hand embody the traditional methods of yoga, upholding the values of loving unconditionally (the premise of non-judgement) with compassion (the ability to put oneself into anothers shoes) and kindness (the skill to be authentic). As daily practioners ourselves, we help others consider different perspectives, as challenging as this may be, to make better choices, in our lives, based on the same principles & values, as stated above. We are seekers that study the nature of the heart (Anahata) and understand that joy is about the moment and joy cannot live in the past.

All teachers at The Radiant Hand emphasise that asana (postures) is only one aspect of yoga. Other practices such as karma yoga (the path of giving & selflessness), ahimsa (non-violence), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, chanting, the study of the self (swadyaya) & Ishvara Pranidhana (heartfulness practice) are equally important parts in our practice of yoga.

Experience our teachers & our Lineage by attending one of our classes, or joining a course, or coming on one of our exclusive retreats.