Holistic Physiotherapy

Based on the development of a dynamic relationship between the body and the mind, this ancient healing art utilises a multi-dimensional approach to promote, maintain and restore physical, psychological and emotional well-being. As the body and mind work in harmony, natural functioning is improved, through breathing and relaxation therapy, deep tissue massage, acupressure, muscle energy techniques, bone awareness work and remedial movements.

Our practitioner is a qualified Sport Scientist (BSc Hons) and Physiotherapist (BSc Hons). Along her own healing journey, Geraldine discovered the strength of the relationships between her thoughts, emotions and physical well being. She realised that maintaining strong connections between her body, mind and heart is essential for health and happiness.

Geraldine will look beyond your physical symptoms and identify other factors (personal/work related) and experiences that may be relevant to support you in finding your perfect balance.

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