Winter Retreats - A Gift To Yourself

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Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 22.32.56We wrote recently about the benefits of yoga “re-treats”, taking time out… to consider how we “treat” ourselves and others… for healing or when in need of care and attention… to process and explore emotions by “retreating” from our busy lives… and to bring back the magic and sparkle in life by simply “treating” yourself.

So why do the winter months provide, more than any other season, the perfect time to retreat?

As the nights start to draw in, we begin to retreat naturally, almost like a draw towards hibernation. Winter is the most natural time of the year to slow down, curl up at home by the fire and conserve our energy for the New Year.

Socially, we keep our engines stoked, working against our natural inclination towards hibernation. The Christmas party season keeps people’s spirits up, celebrating and catching up with friends and family, enjoying parties and social gatherings of all kinds. However, late nights, plentiful food and drink can deplete our resources in a period when they are naturally lower. This can swing our bodies out of optimal balance and by the New Year, we can feel exhausted if we do not take care of ourselves.

The changing of the year brings with it a natural sense of reflection on what we have achieved. The gathering of people together and the marking of the passing of time, lends itself to naturally looking back at the experiences of our year. We draw understandings, contemplate what we’ve learned and make new commitments to what we wish to create through New Year’s resolutions and hopes.

There is then no better time to retreat within ourselves, to rest, to re-energise and to light up our lives with some healthy, healing, reflective time away. The practice of yoga will help you to circulate vital energy in your body, removing toxins and boosting your metabolism and zest for life.

The Radiant Hand is running a Women Only Divine Shakti Retreat with Geraldine Coburg in early December, the perfect time to draw in new energy and share time with like minded ladies. Geraldine will guide you to support yourself physically, mentally and emotionally through the winter months, so you can enjoy all the positivity that the festive period brings.

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